Even one healing session will produce positive results, both physically and mentally.

My goal is to assist my clients to experience a happier and healthier life through Red Rose Healing. Rose Healing removes blockages in the mind and the body which cause chronic pain and sufferings. Through understanding about the choices and consequences of what they make in daily life, they can thrive to think and act with stronger faith and sincerity in their hearts, and thereby maintaining a happier and healthier life.







Chronic Pain and Illness?

Energy loss happens when your life become unbalanced: You may be giving away too much energy continuously to take care of other people, feeling overwhelmed with difficult work or family responsibilities, suffering from chronic pain or illness or enduring unhappy relationships or suffering from traumatic events and loss.

Looking for Deeper Meaning of Existence?

Clearing the chakras on a regular basis will purify and restore life force energy, and promote the vibrancy of the whole system. You will then feel the peace and joy of life. You will maintain youthfulness with purposeful living.

Feeling easily disturbed by others?

Unusual experiences?

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