My life is dedicated to help others find health, balance and happiness.

I have worked as an Engineer in Canada. I graduated from the University of British Columbia.

I was a foster mom for 20 years in Ontario and British Columbia. I had 8 foster kids and 2 of my own. They all grew up successful in life. I can understand the positive impact of love and healing on people.

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I have been practicing Red Rose Healing with clients from different parts of the world. I was trained by a Sufi Teacher in India. I practice healing face-to-face or long distance.

My goal is to assist my clients to experience a happier and healthier life through Red Rose Healing. Rose Healing removes blockages in the mind and the body which cause sufferings. Through understanding about the choices and consequences of what they make in daily life, they can thrive to think and act with stronger faith and sincerity in their hearts, and thereby maintaining a happier and healthier life.

Even one healing session will produce positive results, both physically and mentally.

I feel very blessed and honored to serve my clients.

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