Chakra Clearing

Build a strong connection between Mind & Soul

Strength the connection

Chakra clearing will help to remove the blockages in the chakras. When the blockages are removed, you will maintain better physical, mental and emotional health. Those people that have been meditating daily may even feel the strong connection between the mind and the heart. People with blocked chakras usually have heightened sensitivity, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and lack of concentration.


Clearing the chakras on a regular basis will help to maintain a healthier mind and body system. Clearing the chakras on a regular basis will purify and restore life force energy, and promote the vibrancy of the whole system. You will then feel the peace and joy of life. You will maintain youthfulness with purposeful living.


Rabiah may use the following techniques for Chakra cleaning: Red Rose Healing, one to one mediation. Rabiah may select to teach the meditation techniques to individuals.

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