Energy Restoration

Get your life back into balance

Energy drain is a common 21st Century disease due to stressful lifestyle.

Energy loss happens when your life become unbalanced: You may be giving away too much energy continuously to take care of other people, feeling overwhelmed with difficult work or family responsibilities, suffering from chronic pain or illness or enduring unhappy relationships or suffering from traumatic events/loss etc. When you suffer from energy loss, you may feel depressed, lack of interest in life and unable to focus on performing daily tasks.

Your energy can be renewed in a healing session. You will likely feel deeper connection to yourself. You may feel lighter, as if a big burden has been lifted from your chest. You may find life much easier to handle than before.  People around you will also change to be more positive because of your lightness.

Energy restoration can help the body to heal and recover from stress, illness and traumatic events. Energy restoration can remove blockages from the body and mind. Therefore you can feel love and harmony in your heart.

Rabiah may use the following techniques in restoring energy: rose healing or long distance healing.

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