What is Red Rose Healing?

Red Rose Healing is one of the most effective Sufi healing techniques I know. It requires the use of fresh red rose petals and therefore it is called “Red Rose Healing”. Red Rose signifies Love. Red Rose Healing removes all the negative energies in the person’s body instantly through intensive prayers without the healer touching the person.

How does ``long distance`` healing work?

Red Rose Healing works even though we don’t meet because it can be done long distance. A large part of this technique requires that the healer focuses on the image of the person through deep thought while the healing is performed.

Why is it important to have faith?

When a person has faith, he gives up his sense of control to the Divine, and he believes in the Healing Power of the Divine through the healer. Faith is very important because without faith, the person holds on to the old and not open to new changes. The Divine is Love. Love resides in the heart. Without Faith in the Divine, the person will not receive Love. Love is the Healing Power of the universe.

How long does it take to start feeling better?

It varies from person to person. People that have very strong faith heal instantaneously and receive protection through his/her continual meditation or prayers. People that have less faith in the existence of the Divine will also be healed instantly, i.e. instantaneous removal of some or all of the physical illness or pain. But some of this negative energy that causes the physical illness or pain may come back if the person does not “self-reflect” and if the person continues to think in a negative way, i.e. thoughts of anger, hatred, jealousy, control, fear and sadness etc.

Why do you charge these fees?

I want to live a balanced life. I prefer to provide care to people who seriously need help, trust and value my service. The money received through my services as a healer is used to build school facilities and meditation centers in India. As healers do healing work, like any other job, it requires money in order to maintain overhead. Red Rose Healing is the service I perform for people; it is immediate and effective.

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